400,000 people were born on the same day as you

You all share the most important day of your lives, yet you are complete strangers. Not anymore! Our app connects you with your birthday twins across the world. We know you want to explore, so we are making it easier for you.

Birthday Twins

Every minute, 259 people are born in this world according to the CIA World Fact Book Link. It means you are, technically, a twin of another mother to 372,960 people across the globe. Each with their own culture, ethnicity, traditions, and likes, but all sharing a common origin: you began to exist on this planet at the same time. By the way, we call these birthday twins your doppelmates.

Are you curious about your birthday twins?

In that case, enter your date of birth below to see how many of your birthday twins are already using our DoppelMate App.

Wouldn't you be fascinated to know what people who have had the same number of hours as you have done with their time? Where and how your doppelmates live? Are they your doppelganger? Besides, many people believe that the time of year you were born affects your personality. If that’s true, people who are born on the same day should have even more in common than those sharing a zodiac sign. Perhaps they have a similar carrier as you have, like these celebrity twins Link. You have a lot to discover, and we are in this together.

Same Birthday, Different Lifestyle

A teen raised in New York has a life experience different from that of teens raised in Singapore, or any other part of the world. Each of them has great life experiences, but they only get to experience one, and mostly unknown to others. It doesn't have to be that way... Our App lets you see thousands of different lives from the eyes of your non-biological birthday twins. You will be able to learn firsthand about various cultures, customs, lives, fashions, languages, and perhaps even humor as you forge lasting friendships and relationships with people from all over the world. At the very least, you'll have an extra person besides you to wish a happy birthday on your special day, but you don't want to rule out throwing a grand birthday party along with your twins, Do you?

Twinning With Your Twins

Twins itself is a compelling word that grabs our attention. You probably have seen a twinning post on social media, if not posted one yourself with your brother, sister, friends, or even with a son or daughter. You are the lucky one if you have a biological twin, but very few of us have that opportunity, so we settle with what we have. If you must, you should settle with the next best thing, which is non-biological birthday twins. Our app is the only social media application where you can find and socialize with your birthday twins from every corner of the earth. Your next twinning post with the real twins is only a tap away.

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