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What are doppelmates?

Doppelmates are the people who shares atleast one common element. We have only introduced a birthday twin as a common element at the moment. So technically, you can call your birthday twins your doppelmates

Who are birthday twins?

Birthday twins are people who share the same birthday with you.

How to find my birthday twins?

Our goal is to connect you with your birthday twins. On the App, go to Discover menu and tap “My Twins” tab to see a list of your twins. Its that simple. If you haven’t already downloaded our app here is the link to download (Icon).

What is Hotline call?

The Hotline call feature connects you with other users on our app for an audio or video call in real time. Simply tap the call button, and if another user also taps the call button at the same time, our app will automatically connect you for a conversation. It's a fun and easy way to meet new people and have spontaneous conversations.

How to start a Hotline call?

You need Hotline coins to start a Hotline call. Hotline coins can be collected by purchasing them or by watching ads within the app. We designed this feature to make sure that users who are serious about using the Hotline feature have access to it.

How many coin are required for a call?

A Hotline call costs one coin and gives you 5 minutes of call time. You can add more time in 5-minute increments by adding coins during the conversation. Each additional 5-minute increment also costs one coin.

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