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About DoppelMate

No human is a stranger. We just don't know what we have in common, and when we do, we become friends instantly even if that common element is an enemy. DoppelMate introduces you to people from all over the world, who share at least one common thing with you, and leave the rest to you. Since sharing the same birthday have greater personal importance, we want to start off with it.

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What makes us a unique social media App?

Existing social media connects you with your friends and families, but we know you want to go beyond your home, neighborhood, and nation to make new friends. Unfortunately, there are no reliable social networking platforms available for you without fees or irritating advertisements. We saw the void and jumped right in to serve your need. With DoppelMate, you can now connect with people across the world and build quality friendships while learning different cultures, lifestyles, trends, languages, and even jokes firsthand, all for free!

All The Elements You Need

Simple, yet powerful

We believe in simplicity. Our App reflects our belief.

DoppelMate app is ready to go
Ready To Go

Just add your content and let the world see it.

DoppelMate app has a dedicated feed to show posts and contents from your twins.
Twin Feed

Dedicated feed section to show contents from your twins.

You are in control of DoppelMate app

You have an absolute control on what to see and whom to connect.

DoppelMate app is easy to use.
Easy To Use

You have an absolute control on what to see and whom to connect.

DoppelMate app has great design
Great Design

Intuitive designs help you navigate through the app effortlessly.

DoppelMate app is free of ads
Free of Ads

Even ads! You won’t see it unless you choose to do so.

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