Frequently Asked Questions

We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

What is DoppelMate?

DoppelMate is a social networking platform that allows users to discover, connect, and explore the lifestyle of people with the same birthdate (month, day, and year) and birthday (month and day).

How is this different from other social media platforms?

Our platform provides an opportunity for you to connect with people who were born on the same date as you were. Those are the people who have had exactly the same time on this earth as you have. The only difference is that you are born in a different family and country with different circumstances. You can explore, compare, and contrast their lifestyle, culture, and traditions with yours. You could be their motivation and they could be yours too. You could experience hundreds of different lives across the world at the same time by connecting with your doppelmates. You won’t feel the same emotional bonding with users on any other platform like you do in ours.

How do I connect with my twins?

Our mobile application landing page is divided into three main categories. Doppelmate, Us, and the Homepage. Posts from users with the same birthdate as you are sorted under the Doppelmate category. Posts from users with the same birthday (same month and day) are displayed in Us category. You can follow and connect with any users from both of those categories. Posts from users you followed appear on your homepage along with your own posts.

    Can I find people who were born on the same date and time as I was?

    Yes, we will notify you when your birthdate and time at birth (within a minute range) match with other users. Besides, you can also use different filters to discover and connect with doppelmates of your choices.

    How do I own DoppelMate?

    We firmly believe that time is money. You, as a user, spend your precious time on our platform, and we, as a company, value your time. We will distribute 10% of our net profit among the top users who exceed the required activity level threshold.

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