A company is nothing but a team of people working together to achieve a common goal. If you are a purpose-driven individual looking for an opportunity to enhance people's life experience, we encourage you to continue reading to see whether your values align with ours.

What is our goal?

Existing social media divide people further as users tend to connect with their local friends and families, most of whom share the same lifestyle, culture, and perspectives. This creates significant information gaps between people living in different regions. A teen raised in New York has a life experience different from that of teens raised in Singapore, or any other part of the world. Each of them has great life experiences, but they only get to live with one, and mostly unknown with others. Our goal is to globalize cultures, lifestyles, trends, fashions, and perspectives to help users catch up with the rest of the world.

How are we achieving it? 

Around 400K people are born every day across the world. They share the most important day of their lives, yet remain strangers. We want to connect these non-biological birthday twins on our social networking app. It would be a perfect platform for users to initiate organic conversation and build quality relationships. Depending on the region they grow up in, each could share content that reflects their own culture, lifestyle, and perspective that their twins can witness in real-time.

Why are we doing it? 

We want to globalize the world at an individual level to give people a better life experience.

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