Why DoppelMate?

Your Facebook newsfeed is different from mine, but it is identical to the newsfeed of your friends and families. It's because we live our lives in a cluster sharing a common culture, identity, mindset, emotions, and personality with the people we are surrounded with. A teen raised in New York has a life experience different from that of teens raised in Singapore, or any other part of the world. Each of them has great life experiences, but they only get to experience one, and mostly unknown to others. With DoppelMate, you can see thousands of different lives from the eyes of your non-biological birthday twins. It will be a first-hand learning experience for you to comprehend different cultures, costumes, lifestyles, trends, language, and maybe jokes while building quality friendships and connections across the world.

One more thing...

You are probably wondering if people are genuinely interested in finding their doppelmates. You won't believe how many people check the internet for their birthday twin. The Google search engine is flooded with terms like birthday twin finder, birthday twin app, find my birthday twin, and even find my twin by birthday. People are eager to find their doppelmates, but no existing social media serves their needs. That's why we are taking an initiative to help people connect with their birthday twins to explore the world in new ways.

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